Midtone Tattoo Studio

A tattoo shop with branding needs

Project Goal

A highly successful tattoo artist was looking to branch out on his own and create a shop he could call home. This meant the new shop needed branding. After meeting and discussing what needed to be done, a plan was put into place.

A website was to be developed and designed (thanks Figma & Webflow), a logo, photography & videography. This media would be published not only on the website but across social platforms.

Check out the website at midtonetattoo.com.


A video was developed to not only showed off the artist's new shop - but to also attract current and new customers. Filmed and edited by me.


A website was designed in Figma and developed Webflow. The goal of this website was to introduce a brand standard for the tattoo shop as well as showcase work to generate new clients. The goal was accomplished rather quickly with over 70 website submissions in the first month.